Healthcare innovative solutions

Oliba, established in 2011, partners with public and private organizations across the globe to deliver strategic and innovative solutions in healthcare and other life sciences.

Mission statement:

We embrace and cultivate the values of achievement, integrity, and creativity in the belief that your organization, regardless of size, can be an essential part of an effective, sustainable, and inclusive healthcare system.

We create the conditions to deliver breaking new ground product and services in healthcare, Pharma and biotech through:

• The integration of technologies and process optimization (Precision medicine approaches, Digital therapeutics, Health communication…)
• The involvement of global experts and senior leadership (Advisory board, Stakeholders engagement, Institutional relationship…)
• Robust analytics to provide strategic perspectives (Health IT, market research…)

Personalized Service

One size does not fit all!
We assemble streamlined teams to provide personalized service focused on your organization’s unique needs; we believe that healthcare can be delivered efficiently by driving out waste (money, time, or supplies) to create ethical and sustainable services that eventually promote the health and wellness of the individuals.


We proudly share common objectives with these people and we work together to improve the quality of life of the individuals.


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