Education and empowerment

Oliba creates the perfect condition for individual and organizational growth.

Healthcare researchers, opinion leaders and decision makers need to undergo continuous training in a global system where there is an increasing overlap between the needs of healthcare education and the delivery of healthcare services using, for instance, innovative approaches such as digital health technologyWith the increasing complexity of organizational tools and processes, expertise needs to be strengthened by complementary skills.

Oliba promoteseducation and empowerment projects in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech sectors. By proposing strategic initiatives, we support you and your organization in developing the necessary skills, expertise, and awareness to cope with complex issues in a multidisciplinary landscape.

Leveraging on an impressive network of healthcare professionals, we create learning programs and initiatives to enhance education and empowerment on multiple healthcare topics, while identifying and addressing possible knowledge gaps.

Education is critical to social and economic development and has a profound impact on population health. The benefits of education and empowerment in healthcare are evident at various levels:

  • Individual level. An empowered patient develops new useful skills, and healthcare resources become more easily accessible for them. In this way, a patient can monitor their chronic diseases or conditions and related treatment options.
  • Community level. The health-related characteristics of the environments where people live benefit from long term improvements, resulting in healthier lifestyles for individual patients.
  • The larger social and cultural context. Social policies, residential segregation, and inequality in access to educational resources all benefit from education and empowerment in the healthcare sector.

Oliba services for education and empowerment in healthcare

With the support of global professionals, Oliba provides custom-made critical insights and strategic solutions to enhance efficiency and quality in your organization.

Knowledge and evidence are the pillars of every strategic healthcare decision in organizations; patient-centered approaches, greater operational efficiencies and reduced costs of care are just some of the current challenges faced by healthcare organizations. In this dynamic landscape strategic solutions need to be tailored around the organizations’ needs and challenges. We use the latest methodologies to translate knowledge into application through:


Oliba designs ad hoc online and offline educational and training programs for clinicians to foster tangible advancement in their level of knowledge and skills in specific areas with innovative methodologies. We deliver knowledge and enhance communication strategies to assist health care professionals to better engage people in different health care setting with the objective to eventually impact the health and wellbeing of individuals.


We gather leading experts providing critical insights into specific trends, gaps, and challenges in the current global healthcare situation. These experts can set relevant guidelines to drive your education campaign toward the


We design and implement initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on peoples’ health, and environmental, and social wellbeing beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups, while promoting positive social and environmental change.