Healthcare Advisory Board

A Healthcare Advisory Board is a body of people that provide independent strategic advice to a healthcare organization such as a pharmaceutical company, medical agency, healthcare provider, or policy maker.

What is a Healthcare Advisory Board?

The Board’s role is to support healthcare companies by identifying, guiding, and providing effective strategies to improve the performance of the organization. External opinions and guidance can be invaluable for the successful development of products, marketing campaigns, and project development.

Oliba has extensive experience in composing and managing Healthcare Advisory Boards. We can design the perfect Board of specialised experts for your company event, tailored to your specific topic and needs. Oliba has a wide network of contacts in a broad range of healthcare and research settings, including:

  • Academic researchers from well-renowned universities and hospitals
  • Clinical healthcare workers
  • Patient-advocacy groups
  • Caregiver and care partner associations
  • Healthcare policy makers.

Oliba’s role in managing your organization’s Healthcare Advisory Board

After contacting us to discuss the goals of your project we will identify the right team of experts in the sector of interest, and compose a team for your Advisory Board.

Our skilled Scientific Writers and Moderators will guide your project from start to finish; from developing objectives and agendas, preparing background medical or scientific material, and moderating the meeting, to writing the final reports of the Board’s results. Our Scientific Writing team includes well-established researchers who have published in peer-reviewed journals and are skilled at medical and scientific writing for multiple purposes, including academia, pharma, government agencies, policy makers, and drug agencies.

We handle all aspects of the project, including management, administration, scientific support, and all logistics. We can support both live and virtual meetings, depending on your organization’s requirements.

Please contact us to set up your top-level, international Healthcare Advisory Board.