Institutional Relations

Oliba utilizes its extensive expertise in Managing Institutional Relations in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech sector. We consider this a vital activity to strengthen and expand the existing bonds with governments, political parties, institutions, public and private organizations, business organizations and companies, affecting your organization interests at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Development and management of corporate and government relationships

We provide strategic advice on the development and management of corporate and government relationships to effectively manage complex internal and external liaisons. Building a strong network is key to exploiting the potential of your organization, to collect intelligence data for your strategy, and to build a consistent network.

Effective Management of Institutional Relations requires  specific cross-cutting skills in communication while keeping up with ethical values and transparency. Oliba offers you the knowledge of expert consultants to manage the relations that your organization needs, including:

  • Mediation between different groups involved in Public Affairs
  • Data collection concerning issues that influence decision-making
  • Supporting companies and their stances in front of local or national institutions
  • Developing and executing effective strategies to identify, cultivate, and supervise corporate and government agency relationships
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Program planning and budgeting
  • Nurturing organizational relationships
  • Directing and supervising institutional relations teams
  • Working with senior staff, key board members, and other executive level volunteers
  • Assisting in overall development on an as-needed basis.

Managing Healthcare Government Relations with Oliba Services

Due Diligence and Scenario Analysis

We implement accurate and in-depth investigations to assess the scientific, social, economic, political, and institutional scenarios allowing the identification of key-decision makers in relation to the Partner interests.

Political Intelligence

We deploy intelligence activities to forecast everchanging social, technological, and regulatory scenarios overcoming potential barriers to deploy effective and tailored strategies.