Patient and Caregiver Advocacy

Oliba offers patient and caregiver advocacy services to facilitate individuals, patients, and care partners in the research and decisional processes that may influence their health.


Connecting with patient and caregiver associations early on can help companies avoid access issues later in the development process and regulatory phases. In fact, early engagement ensures the development of treatments and services that could really improve patients’ health outcomes and quality of life.

Developing projects with the contribution of patients, sponsors and regulators generates value-based, sustainable treatments. Patients and caregivers become partners who co-create to increase the value of higher education, superior engagement, and greater awareness.

Oliba: the intermediary between patients, caregivers, and healthcare and pharma organizations

Oliba acts as an intermediary between patients and/or caregivers and health organizations to help identify mutual benefits of close collaboration and potential synergies in lowering barriers to ultimately improve the patient experience. A closer relationship with end-users allows pharma companies and healthcare organizations to create innovative products and develop their business around individuals’ needs with a patient-centered perspective.

At Oliba, we build solid and mutually beneficial collaborations to generate effective and inclusive networks centred on trust and experience.

Oliba has extensive experience with a range of cases in which pharmaceutical companies have needed to interact with patients and caregivers to understand the best strategies for handling an issue. We often find that patients and caregivers are able to provide an idea or solution that pharmaceutical companies or healthcare organizations had not previously thought of. This unique perspective is becoming increasingly important to the healthcare field and Oliba can be instrumental in helping your company hear the patient’s voice.

The biggest challenge is identifying patients and caregivers to collaborate with. Oliba can help by using our extensive network of patient and caregiver organizations, ensuring that you have the perfect collaborators to suit your project’s needs.

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