What is Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the process of interacting with individuals and groups of people that share an interest or stake in a certain activity.
Specifically, in healthcare the involvement of stakeholders such as patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, public and private organizations, and academia, is of paramount importance when implementing complex activities requiring multidisciplinary approaches. To achieve this, Oliba deploys specific frameworks that facilitate interaction among different entities with complementary points of view, competencies, and skills.

The purpose of stakeholder engagement is to aid a dialogue with people in order to understand and satisfy their needs by including all stakeholders in decision-making processes.

Provided Services

As part of an extensive global health professional network, Oliba engages with a multitude of organisations around the world to ensure all perspectives are considered. We provide unbiased perspectives on priority issues such at different level: clinical, research, institutional, regulatory and industrial.

Oliba can provide your healthcare organization with a range of services in the field of stakeholder engagement:
gathering and sharing information between the company or institution and people interested in its activity

  • dealing with stakeholder complaints and supporting negotiations to reach successful solutions
  • creating compromises with stakeholders and building relationships with them
  • understanding which are the most relevant groups of stakeholders
  • satisfying people’s needs and anticipating potential risks and opportunities.

If you are searching for a stakeholder engagement strategy in the healthcare and pharma sector, please contact us to find the best solution for your organization.